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You, dear reader, have stumbled upon the homepage of December Luna Music- the solo project of myself, Rose Price- violist, violinist, guitarist, pianist, composer and lyricist.
December Luna Music is more than just music, lyrics, and riffs.  My music is inspired by life, moments, and people, and is represented by my instruments and words. Listening to my songs personally connects you to my experience and my journey.

My work can be described as indie, acoustic, experimental, new age, and alternative, focusing on viola solos.  I also compose instrumental tracks with keyboard, synthesizer and guitar.

Here you can experience my music, learn more about my work, and purchase my songs for download.

Love, light and enlightenment,


Spring 2015 

December Luna Music began in July 2011;  now, in the spring of 2015, I am excited to be finalizing my second album, "Children of the Mystics."  "Petals on Muses," my first album, was released in February 2012 and I was fortunate enough to have my CD release party in Tucson, AZ at The River's Edge Lounge, during The Breakfast Club by BSceneLive.  There is nothing more fascinating and rewarding than performing in front of your fans, and gaining new audiences. Now, three years later, I have grown exponentially as a composer and artist.  My second album exhibits my new strengths as a guitarist and music producer/editor, while maintaining my original focus on viola solos. 

I came up with the title "Children of the Mystics" while I was pregnant with my son, Braden, who is now two years old.  My album artwork, finalized by my friend Shawn Plunkett, stemmed from a photo of Braden with a toy trumpet.  The new generation of children are often referred to as the "indigo children" and exhibit more intuition, creativity, sensitivity and spirituality than ever before.  Society depends on today's kids to shape our future and create a more harmonious life for all.  "Art Saves," - and we, as a whole, must envision and manifest a world that embraces love, light, and the pursuit of happiness, as opposed to cyclical, monetary gain.

According to many spiritualists, we are entering the new phase of consciousness and enlightenment;  "The Celestine Prophecy" by James Redfield describes the new stage of awakening as connecting with all others and shifting all energy into love and empathy.  Only then can we move from the destructive, capitalist society that currently exists, into the new aeon of human evolution. 

I wish to spread the word of awakening through my music, fan by fan, listen by listen.  My music has spread rapidly over the past few months on social media, and I hope to see it grow and inspire others as well.

Love is the Law.

Love and light,
Rose Price

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Penn's Peak, 325 Maury Rd, Jim Thorpe PA

The event is airing live on Channel 13 (Blue Ridge Cable) from 5pm to 9pm. DAIMON PRICE and accompanying band will be performing after 8pm.

*DAIMON PRICE - Vocals/guitar
* ROSE PRICE - Viola
* BU THOMAS - bass
* SCOTT RAMALY - drums
* JIMMY MANGIONE - lead guitar



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